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I use a number of open source programs, and have added them and more here as well as links to some interesting websites.

Links to programs will take you directly to FREE download pages.


I am available to your community to further demonstrate how to engage wih digital tech. Let's not get left behind in the digital age!

Contact me here.

The Koori History Website is an invaluable resource. History made relevant: the more you learn, the more you want know.

Having a Google account is not only useful for email, but also for other tools such as Google online forms.

YouTube is a great resource for self directed learning, at your own pace. Search to find many tutorials on how to use all of the programs below and many other things you want to know about!

Blackle is a Google powered energy saving search engine, where you can search for forums and help with programs, as well as everything else!

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is the best place to learn how to code with online tutorials you can go through in your own time, and earn worldwide credentials. Just use Notepad and save as ".html".

Once you have built your website, you will want to put it online! Just Host have cheap & easy to use tools to get you on the World Wide Web!

QR (quick response) codes are a great way to connect print material to web content. The ZXing Project have an easy to use QR code generator which you can download, save and add to posters, flyers and any other promotional material!

To scan codes wih your phone or tablet, download the FREE ZXing barcode scanner app in Google Play Store or iTunes.

Goalzero have a number of quiet portable solar energy saving solutions to match your needs, all available for purchase online, delivered to your door. Care for Country, reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your electricity bills! Make sure you have power anywhere to recharge & power your devices!


Can't afford Microsoft Office? Open Office has all the same features to create letters, presentations, spreadsheets and more! Also easy to save in pdf format.

Adobe Reader is used for reading pdf files.

Gimp is a heavy duty image manipulation program, much like full Photoshop. Try it with images taken on your mobile device!



Make 3D objects in Blender. These can then be used in a gaming engine, or make files for 3D printing. Wrap textures made in Gimp around your 3D objects.



Unity is a free gaming engine, where you can make your own games/3D interfaces.



Winamp is a media player, from which you can stream your own music online. Also has good visualisations!



Audacity is a sound editing program: try making your own ringtones, or put recorded sounds together! (Don't forget your mobile device is a great sound recorder!)

Mailchimp is perfect for sending professional personalised emails from your commmunity organisation. It can also be downloaded via Play Store or iTunes for you to monitor your campaigns on mobile devices.

Sometimes, you need to send and store some large files, too big for email. Dropbox is a good way to share files, with an app for mobile device management available too.